Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Find the Survival Rate of Bone Cancer


If you know someone diagnosed with any kind of bone cancer, you will naturally wonder about the survival rate. Fortunately, survival rates are trending upwards as new treatments and medications are discovered. However, you should always remember that statistics such as survival rates represent averages only.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging



Step One

Start by visiting the Web site of the National Cancer Institute (see "Resources" below) and accessing the bone cancer home page. Here you will find links to information on bone cancer and statistical information. Click on the link "Finding Cancer Statistics" to access information on the survival rate for bone cancer.

Step Two

Understand the statistics you encounter. The National Cancer Institute includes a page on understanding statistics such as survival rates.

Step Three

Know that survival rate statistics are generalized. Since everyone is different, they cannot be used to predict an individual's prognosis.

Step Four

Do not read too much into cancer statistics. They change over time and can be interpreted in many different ways. In addition, the cancer statistics you find may not reflect the latest advances in treatment or diagnosis.

Step Five

Seek support from your friends and family members. If you do not have anyone nearby, seek out a support group online at the American Cancer Society (see "Resources" below). Many people have found strength, encouragement and emotional support from such groups.

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