Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Pick a Brain Surgeon


Experiencing sudden head trauma or learning of a brain tumor can be scary and heart-wrenching. It's especially difficult when the victim has to make their own important medical decisions. In many cases, serious head traumas as well as brain tumors require surgery. Nothing, then, can be more important than choosing the right brain surgeon and having the help/support of family and friends in making that decision.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy



Step One

Know that not all cities/towns have resident brain surgeons. Work with your insurance provider and family doctor to make out-of-town arrangements for you and your family if medical diagnosis/treatment in another town is necessary.

Step Two

Know also that during a brain surgery patient's hospital stay, sometimes low-cost or free family accommodations are available within hospital vicinities, such as the "Ronald McDonald House" for families of cancer patients. Check with hospitals for information.

Step Three

Have your family doctor or his associates recommend a good neurologist and/or brain surgeon—otherwise, pick a brain surgeon via doctor referral services, such as "Revolution Health" online where you can also read doctor reviews. (Search under neurology too.)

Step Four

Do your own investigation. Understand that brain surgeons are "rock stars" in the medical world (like heart surgeons)—they are well known. Ask around before you pick a brain surgeon; it should be fairly easy to find out information about them in the right circles of people and online.

Step Five

Pick a brain surgeon first based on credentials, reputation and experience; choose a brain surgeon second based on how you and the brain surgery patient (if not you) feel about the brain surgeon. Make sure he or she makes you and the patient feel comfortable as well as comforted.

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