Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to Treat Endometrial Cancer


Endometrial cancer is a type of cancer that affects thousands of women each year. In endometrial cancer, the cancer originates in the endometrium of the body and then spreads to other areas. Treatment for endometrial cancer is typically successful, especially if diagnosed during the earlier stages.


Difficulty: Challenging



Step One

Ask for a referral to a gynecologic oncologist. This type of oncologist specializes in reproductive types of cancer. Depending on your area, you may need to travel in order to find a doctor with this specialty.

Step Two

Find out the stage of your cancer. The initial stages of the cancer are limited to your uterus and cervix. Later stages involve the spreading of the cancer to the lymph nodes and other parts of the body.

Step Three

Undergo a hysterectomy. This is the most common way that endometrial cancer is treated. Depending on how much the cancer has spread, your fallopian tubes and ovaries may also need to be surgically removed.

Step Four

Get radiation or chemotherapy to kill cancer cells. You receive these therapies in order to eliminate additional cancer cells following surgery.

Step Five

Take hormones. Research has shown that certain hormones taken in high doses can stop endometrial cancer from spreading.

Step Six

Stay healthy during the treatment process. Maintain a healthy diet and get enough sleep in order to give your body the strength to fight the cancer.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may consider joining a support group while going through treatment for endometrial cancer. A support group can put you in touch with women who are going through the same thing.
  • Endometrial cancer is also often referred to as uterine cancer.

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